Pencil Donation at Muthiga Academy

Pencil Donation at Muthiga Academy

Kikuyu town in Kiambu County is home to many schools known for their good performance. Among those schools is Muthiga Academy, an established private school with very sharp and intelligent children. The weather in Kikuyu town is cold and the students in this school are forced to dress in heavy jackets on top of their regular school uniforms in order to be able to comfortably learn in the cold weather.

We arrived at the school to a warm reception and found the children eagerly waiting for us. We had prepared several sessions with the children and as soon as they gathered at the hall, we began the sessions. We spoke to them briefly about why it is important to conserve the environment and the significance of trees to the environment. The children keenly listened to what we were saying. You could see the curiosity on their faces to learn and we were willing to teach them everything they needed to know about the environment.

The questions came in thick and fast. They wanted to know how our pencils are manufactured from recycled newspapers, why we decided to venture into pencil manufacturing, where our factory is located and whether they can come and visit the Momo Pencil Factory. We were challenged by their many questions, an indication that these children are hungry for education.

MO & MO Group Directors together with pupils of Muthiga Academy during a tree planting session at the school

We donated pencils to them ensuring that each child gets a pack of our wood-free pencils. Their curiosity was even more aroused when they held our eco-friendly pencils made from recycled newspapers in their hands. They had never held a pencil like that before and they were curious to know more about it. They were excited as well as their teachers to receive free pencils and we could see the looks of gratitude on their faces.

We proceeded to plant trees with the students accompanied by their teachers. The school did not need many trees because it is already surrounded by many trees. Our assignment was just to add a few trees to the many others already growing in the school compound.

Pupils of Muthiga Academy Planting trees

The students did not mind becoming dirty as long as they got a chance to plant a tree. They pushed the soil down the hole where they had just planted the tree seedlings. They were excited about the exercise and we did not shy away from reminding them of the need to take care of the newly planted trees. The students were more than willing to take care of these trees. This was their heritage and they were better placed in carrying out this assignment. We had just taught them on the importance of trees to the environment and they now understood the assignment better.

The photo session with the students and their teachers was interesting. They were happy to host us in their school and the look of joy and excitement could be seen on their faces. As we left the school, we knew that we had left a foot print there. We had planted a tree and given the students a pencil thereby giving them a chance to carry on with their education. The pencil is a symbol of hope that a student anywhere in the world can access the basic writing materials required for quality education. The students of Muthiga Academy received more than a pencil; they received a writing tool that is meant to aid them through their journey in education hence giving them hope for a better future.

A pupil of Muthiga Academy writing with a Momo Pencil

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