The world today can afford to send every child to school and allow them to have access to education. A child with no education will eventually become an adult trapped in a life of illiteracy and continued poverty. With more children now enrolled in school, a new challenge has emerged, especially in Africa, that of access to quality education. This is a tragedy and is unfortunately a barrier with serious consequences.

Access to writing material like a pencil can make a huge difference for the learner. At first glance, the pencil may seem insignificant but if a child has to have any hope of future success, then it is through quality education. This is achieved when a child has adequate supply of writing materials including books, pens and pencils.

There is a consequence of keeping learners in school with inadequate or no supply of writing materials. Children who face such a disadvantage through their journey of education are usually not able to perform simple tasks like being able to read or write properly even from a textbook. They will struggle to take notes with a pencil or pen and will not be able to write will. Teachers are also affected because they are hindered from properly carrying out their teaching task in the classroom as they do not have the needed supplies or resources. The education that children receive in such an environment is inadequate and falls short of empowering and enabling these children. The availability of writing materials and a supportive environment cannot be underscored in the journey of education.

A pencil is a vital tool in a child’s learning process, a foundational building block of writing in school. Each child learns early how to write and to recognize letters and words. Learners should be able to go to school with sufficient supplies of writing materials as this helps them stay on track. Giving them the tools like pencils helps them to learn in a relaxed environment and is important for setting a tone for the entire year.

Baptist Preparatory School Students pose for a photo with MOMO Pencils CEO Mahamud Omari.

The education landscape is however quickly changing with organizations like MO & MO Company Ld through the program ‘Hope for Literacy’ contributing in the provision for quality education. The Hope for Literacy Campaign seeks to donate pencils to children from marginalized communities through funding from partners. This has enabled MO & MO Company Ltd to donate Momo Pencils to over 5,000 children. The program continues to expand as more partners come on board.

Through such partnerships, the unequal education landscape will gradually change and more children will be able to access quality education in Africa. Together we are providing them with the tools that they need to succeed.

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