How Hope for Literacy Campaign is keeping pupils of Mavoko Primary in school

How Hope for Literacy Campaign is keeping pupils of Mavoko Primary in school

Mavoko Primary School in Athi River town is a government/public school with a population of about 1300 students. The children who attend this school mostly come from the neighbourhood. Grappling with a serious water problem and a large student population, Mavoko Primary school has beaten odds and still stands strong.

When the Momo team visited the school, we found enthusiastic students waiting for us. The head teacher of the school allowed us to engage the students for a few minutes. The students excitedly came out of their classes and assembled in a bid to hear what we had to say.

Class 6 pupils happy about tackling their next geometry class.

We talked to the children about conserving the environment, the benefits of planting trees and generally about our pencil brand. The children were curious to know more about our eco-friendly pencil and asked us many questions ranging from how the pencil is made, where our factory is located and whether they can visit the factory and we were more than happy to answer all their questions

Our mission of donating pencils to these brilliant children soon kicked in and we ensured that every child received our eco-friendly pencil. All the students who received our pencil took time to scan it while looking at all its features. We knew that they were looking for the newspaper in the pencil while also wondering whether this pencil functions the same way as the wooden pencils they are used to.

The children were looking forward to the tree planting exercise and we did not want to delay them any further. They had already dug the holes and so we went straight into the tree planting. They all wanted to plant a tree and several of them got an opportunity to do so. We planted over 50 trees in the school compound together with the students and the teachers. We reminded the students on the need to take care of the trees by watering them daily. The students gladly accepted this responsibility.

The Go Green Initiative Club Members with their new fruit seedlings batch.

As we Mavoko Primary School, we knew that we had not only accomplished the assignment of the day but that we had also made impacted these students. Our vision is to reach one million children with the pencil through our hope for literacy campaign and we continue to accomplish this one school at a time. The children of Athi River Primary School did not only receive an eco-friendly pencil but they also received an opportunity to continue learning by accessing a basic writing material, the pencil.

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