A seed planted in the ground and with the right elements at play will germinate into a beautiful plant. When the farmer plants the seed in the ground, there is no doubt in his heart that the seed will germinate. He knows that the seed has no option; its sole purpose is to become a plant and to bear fruit. He does not need convincing; the seed has to fulfil its purpose.

In the same way when we manufacture pencils, the seed in us is the pencil and its purpose. Generations have come and gone and the pencil continues to faithfully fulfil its purpose. New inventions have come and the pencil continues to evolve. The seed in the pencil has never died. It has germinated and continued to bear fruit worldwide, the fruit of writing.

Inspiration Eco Pencils

The pencil isn’t just for writing though. It is the go-to drawing tool of the carpenter and the architect, the cartoonist and the painter. We used pencils when we learned math in primary school.

Momo Inspiration Pencils

The pencil has evolved and grown and now a graphite-filled piece of wood isn’t the only way to produce a pencil. Now new ways of producing pencils have come and we are at the forefront in implementing this. This is our way of choice for anyone who needs to make a mark that is not permanent in the writing world.

Momo pencil’s journey into your hand has been a process of discovery, excitement, careful planning and invention. Pencils, eco-friendly pencils are our passion, our emotion; our sentiments and we wake up early everyday and work for these pencils for we know that their potential still lies within them.

Sentimental Pencils

It was once said that the pen is mightier than the sword but in our journey producing eco-friendly pencils our conclusion is that the pencil is the mightiest of them all and our pencils, MOMO eco-friendly pencils leave a mark, an impact that would never be the same as anyone else.


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