A Visit to Daystar Mulandi School

A Visit to Daystar Mulandi School


Located deep in Athi River town in Machakos County is Daystar Mulandi School. Its close proximity to Daystar University, a private university in Lukenya in Athi River town did not go unnoticed. The school has a population of around 600 students.

When we arrived at the school, the children were in the middle of their classes. They had however been informed about our visit and were expecting us. They excitedly organized themselves in lines at the school assembly area in order to be able to listen to us. One of the things we noticed about these children is that they are very organized and quick to follow instructions.

Pupils of Daystar Mulandi School

The headteacher introduced the Momo Pencils Team to the children and we were given the platform to address the children. We spoke to them about conserving the environment, the need for recycling, the benefits of planting trees and generally about vision. We also reminded them about the importance of education and why education is key for their future.  A representative of Purple dot, one of our sponsors for the pencil donations was present and the children keenly listened to her as she spoke about the need for working hard in school and taking education seriously.

The children listened keenly as we went on with our speaking engagement for the day. They were at first shy to ask questions but eventually loosened up. They were curious to know how our wood-free pencils are made. We took them through the process even as we answered many other questions that they asked.

The exciting part of the day was when we started distributing pencils to the children. Every child was keen to receive a pencil and you could see the anticipation on their faces as they each waited their turn to hold an eco-friendly pen in their hands. We noticed that as soon as each student received the pencil, they took their time to scan it while looking at all its features. It was as if they were wondering how a newspaper could produce such a wonderful product. We watched with amusement as the children as they looked at their pencils. We were giving them more than a pencil, we were providing an opportunity for them to access essential writing materials needed in school in order to acquire quality education.

The children were happy to receive the pencils and the teachers together with the headteacher were grateful that we had visited their school. We had eliminated the need to buy pencils for a few some time. We asked the children to tell their parents about Momo Pencils and we knew that the parents would be grateful too not only for the free pencils but also for what we had taught their children.

The tree planting exercise was interesting because the children had to dig the tree holes before planting the trees. They excitedly planted the trees especially the boys. The girls were a bit shy at first but eventually joined us in the tree planting exercise. We planted over 20 trees in the school compound. We reminded the students on the need to take care of the trees by watering them every day. The students did not seem to mind this responsibility at all.

Mo & Mo Group CEO Mahamud Omari planting a tree with a student from Daystar Mulandi School

As we left Daystar Mulandi School, we knew that we had not only accomplished the assignment of the day but that we had also impacted a child’s life. Our vision of reaching one million children with the pencil through our hope for literacy campaign was being accomplished one school at a time. The children of Daystar Mulandi School did not only receive an eco-friendly pencil but they also received an opportunity to continue learning by accessing a basic writing material, the pencil.


Daystar Mulandi pupils waiting to plant trees in their school

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