Celebrating Mashujaa Day with our Heritage Kenya Pencils

Celebrating Mashujaa Day with our Heritage Kenya Pencils

It is no secret that Kenya is a beautiful country and a magical destination for tourists seeking to visit the country. Kenya is also home to 42 different tribes representing various cultures. The variety in our country is the identity of Kenya. We also get our identity through our various innovations that contribute to the heritage of our great nation.

MOMO Wood-Free Pencils are one of those innovative Kenyan ideas that we have released into the Kenyan market. Made from recycled newspapers, our pencils come in exciting designs and colours. One of our latest designs at MOMO Pencils is the Patriot Pencil. This is a pencil that identifies with the Kenyan heritage as it comes beautifully draped in the colours of our Kenyan flag signifying the patriotic spirit of Kenyans. This pencil seeks to fly our Kenyan Flag high both locally and internationally. It is a reminder of our culture and beliefs, our resilient spirit despite various setbacks, unity in diversity and triumphs in sports especially marathons at international levels.

This beautifully designed pencil is a reminder of who we are no matter where we go. Every time someone carries this pencil in their hands or in their bags, they are choosing to identify with Kenya. They are choosing to identify with the ‘hakuna matata’ slogan which signifies that Kenya is a peaceful country; they are choosing to identify with the entrepreneurial spirit that resides in majority of Kenyans.

The Kenyan government has made primary education free meaning every child has the opportunity to go to school. Imagine Kenyan children seated in class writing with pencils clothed in the colours of our country’s flag. This even makes the work easier for the teacher when teaching about Kenya because all s/he has to do is point to the pencils and the children are able to recite the colours of Kenya’s flag.

Kenyans are known to be trendy people with Kenyans on twitter always having something to tweet about. The Patriot Pencil is trendy too for it has been born out of innovation. This pencil is set to revolutionize our tourism industry in Kenya and any tourist who acquires this pencil acquires the spirit of Kenya and takes it with him wherever he goes. This pencil is the perfect representation of Kenya to all who want to know more about our great nation.

Happy Mashujaa Day!

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