Statistics show that at least five per cent of Kenyans have no formal education and more than a third have not gone beyond primary school. Kenya introduced the free universal primary education programme in 2002 and this saw the increase in enrolment of students. Despite all this though, statistics show that more than one third of all adult Kenyans have not gone beyond primary school

Education is a basic need and quality education is a necessity for everyone. In this fast changing world, it is necessary now more than ever that everyone becomes literate. This then becomes the equalizer if everyone is to be given equal opportunities in society. Plainly put, being literate helps you become a useful member of the society

Knowledge is the game changer and being able to read and write is where it all begins. At Momo Pencils, we support literacy because we know that in doing this, we are allowing people to take control of their destiny and fulfil their potential.

It is an unlimited world out there and anyone can achieve anything once given the opportunity and the platform. For us, we understand that literacy is the platform and we provide the pencils to start you off.

The idea of Momo wood-free Pencils being integrated into the ‘Hope for literacy’ campaign is to add value to education. In serving our corporate citizenship mandate, we have committed ourselves to improving the life of our most cherished stakeholder, the child, from living a life limited by abject poverty.

We achieve this goal by spearheading a global drive for literacy across the marginalized segment of our society.

MO & MO Company CEO Mahamud Omari and a guest during the world literacy day

We all realize that education is for today and the future. Everyone who has gone to school hopes to secure a good job or start a good business using the knowledge they acquired. We all want a job where we feel we are adding value, making a difference and being appreciated.

We all want a job with a salary that reflects our worth and a job we are proud of doing.  All this can only be achieved if a proper investment was done along the journey of education.

Equitable educational opportunities help promote long-lasting, inclusive economic growth and social cohesion.  The opportunity to go to school is what empowers individuals to reach their full potential and enjoy the fruit of their labour, regardless of their background.

Baptist Preparatory School pupils during an environmental school session on planting trees

It is however unfortunate that some people especially from disadvantaged backgrounds do not have access to equal opportunities to go to school thereby leaving them continuously disadvantaged in life. This learning gap between the well to do and the disadvantaged tends to lead to increased differences in the quality of life of both groups. It is the responsibility of every country or every government to ensure that the opportunity to go to school is available to every citizen.

Lengthy as the years may be going through school; the opportunity to go to school helps a person define him/herself thereby finding his/her identity. If the knowledge acquired cannot help a person define himself, then that person misused the opportunity given to him.

Baptist Preparatory School Students pose for a photo with MOMO Pencils CEO Mahamud Omari.

A defined person is one who now understands his role in society and the kind of value he brings to society. The skills and competences brought out by the knowledge a person acquires over the years is what contributes towards resource and wealth creation and helps in reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. This then becomes a cycle because an empowered person will empower future generations.

This quote perfectly defines opportunity; “To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.” — John Dewey






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